Early Morning February Walk

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Hume Weir has almost disappeared but this year it has been a slow receding of the water. Rain falling every 2 weeks or so – the valley has under these weather conditions become a vivid green and we still have lots of large ponds of water. Birds abound and the honking of the swans is the morning chorus that greets the dogs and I on our walk. Last year it disappeared quickly, leaving a muddy valley and after a week or so a covering of green that then dried to the usual Aussie summer brown. Lovely in its way but this year it is beautiful. With the Mitta Mitta River meandering though the lush green. When you get down into the valley it consists of many varied species of grasses and herbaceous plants and also some very nasty burrs ready to dry and attach themselves to the dog fur – so we will be sticking to the tracks in the future.


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