Paypal is now on the website, with great effort and a lot of help from Paypal tech support, I must admit! I have great admiration for computer literate individuals as it is a foreign language to me.

Tallangatta now needs a few more spring-like days of the past week and visitors hopefully will start to visit us. It has been magic weather. The north-east of Victoria is at its best in autumn and spring.

I have been in the garden – so far two ute loads to the tip. It was very busy growing over the cold winter while the dogs and I kept the fire company inside. Even with all my pruning and weeding it is still a bit of a jungle…just as I like it .

The Conic Rocks

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From Tallangatta take the Murray Valley Hwy north until you reach the Trestle bridge/Mt Lawson sign. If you reach the Koetong pub you have gone too far.

The last time I visited this site I had two girls from China staying with me. They were English Literature students in Australia for a month during their uni vacation. They had three wishes -see a kangaroo, a koala and the stars.

As we walked to the trestle bridge the first of their wishes sat up and watched us for a few minutes before bounding away.

After the walk to the old trestle bridge its back to the car and head off into the bush on the Mt Lawson Road/Firebrace track, continue straight on until  you come to a picnic table and parking area.

Conic rock formation. These rocks are reached by a walk up a medium steep climb of  approximately 1/2 hour through the bush on a defined path. When you come to the first large rock formation you are not at the top so keep walking. The rocks are quite impressive with lots of overhangs. Explore around, climbing though and under these amazing rocks. You need to do a bit of bush bashing to get around them.  When you reach them you are overlooking the Koetong Creek Valley. A creek well worth a visit. For the adventurous there are Aboriginal drawing further down into the valley – you will have to search as their is no path.

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Fishing Season

The first fishing boats are in the lake today, at their favourite spot just down from the B&B. By the end of summer as the water recedes a sandy raised area stretches out towards the Mitta Mitta river – fish must like this -maybe the shallow water is warmer or has more fish type food to attract them. Pelicans also hang out at this spot.

Over this winter there have been days when the lake is like a mirror and the only movement is a pelican gilding by and the ripples he/she creates.

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At last

The painter Jack packed his trestles, paint brushes and cover sheets and headed off to his next job. I received a  gift of fresh grown broccoli and red cabbage grown by his wife. Each day we have shared a fresh brewed coffee made when he arrived, sitting by the fire to have a chat but with the coffee drunk  Jack had to venture out into the freezing cold mornings to start the painting.

Still no frosts but the chilling wind made the dog walking adventures postponed until after 10am.

So I have changed the dull brown around the windows to a colour called “dune” which against the white house and green screens visually looks like a soft grey. Still brown under the eaves. Will save painting that for next year.

The room is almost there. Just a few finishing touches and a few days to clear the paint smell and we are ready to start the new venture.



Sandy Creek Inlet Bridge

A couple of links to youtube of the construction of the bridge. This link has joined the rail trail from Tallangatta to Wodonga and is a great ride from Tallangatta. Just 9 km  along a tree lined track, gentle rises and the lake and farm land all the way. A further 3 km takes you to  Huon Reserve.

Sandy Creek bridge on the High Country Rail Trail  -9km from Tallangatta

Sandy Creek bridge on the High Country Rail Trail -9km from Tallangatta

construction of  the bridge


‘The final touch’

Saturday night, lots of furniture moving, then with a glass of red and a fire to warm us as we sat on the patio watching the sun set –  the B and B  is almost ready.

Sunday -The weather was perfect today. The lake was sparkling. A barbecue on the patio. The last of the pictures are hung.  Now I just need the painter back to finish.

What is coming up on the Tallangatta calendar:

Oct 19th ‘Tall Trestle Tredle’

Last weekend of October the 50’s festival